"The Final Hour" Dark Angry Epic Orchestra Beat-0

"The Final Hour" Dark Angry Epic Orchestra Beat-0

Duke Nukem vs Frank West is the third installment of Epic Rap Battles of Video Games and the third episode of Season One. It features "Macho Man" from the Duke Nukem series, Duke Nukem, against the protagonist of the Dead Rising franchise, Frank West. It was released March 14th, 2013.


Jason Shin as Frank West

Jason Shin as Duke Nukem


Frank West:Edit

(starts at 0:21)

It's time to wrestle, idiot Muscle boy,

The photographer of doom is here to destroy.

I fought countless number of zombies, a crazy clown too,

you're next, so visit your girlfriends and say Adieu.

Your game was a ripoff of Doom, with no attraction,

While I defeated all of Tatsunoko and Capcom!

Willamette was nothing, now soon everyone will kneel,

now you see, I'm the true one with the Ball of Steel.

Duke Nukem:Edit

Damn it, why do idiots always think they're better?

What? You honestly thought I was gone forever?

You ain't a problem, I will simply rip you apart!

but messin' with my girls, now that ain't nowhere smart!

I blew off Cycloids', Pigcops' and all of my clone's head.

To me, you're more like Dr.Proton of Dawn of the Dead!

I'll put you in those shopping carts and give you some whirls,

No Erotica points, I would've just bang all of the girls.

Frank West:Edit

This time you don't need to wait 12 years to see your fate,

with my flows you will realize why I'm so great!

I'd kill 50 thousand zombies but I don't need X-Buster!

I'll break your Golden Throne and shove it up your thruster!

You think you're so tough? You only use firearms!

From chainsaw to fry pan, thousand weapons the charm!

Go back to your petty building and keep spankin' bitches,

now I'll be in charge of saving the world and stackin' riches.

Duke Nukem:Edit

You're so annoying, more than one of your phone-loving follower,

you need to chill down for a bit, taste my freezethrower!

It seems you're too scared, I recommend that Zombie Walk,

but I'd still find and shatter you, like one of my alarm clock.

There is a reason why I was on the Manhattan Project,

kneel down at my statue and show some respect!

Now give up and suck it, but it wouldn't be tasty,

so come on now, Hail to the King, Baby!


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  • Jason dislikes this battle, along with the other first five battles.
  • Jason had plans to redo this battle, but he terminated his contract titled "Giving a Shit About the ERB Wiki", and says due to this, a remake is very unlikely.
  • Meatholl was disappointed with the amount of Johnny Bravo references in this battle