Ezio Auditore vs Agent 47  was the first installment of Epic Rap Battles of Video Games and the first episode of Season 1. It features The Master Assassian, Ezio Auditore, rapping against the protagonist from the Hitman  series, Agent 47. It was released Feburary 28th, 2013.


Jason Shin as Ezio Auditore

Jason Shin as Agent 47


Agent 47:Edit

Why hello, Mr. old-fashioned hoodie Killer

You are about to face one of your biggest Thriller

I kill all who oppose me, while you sit on the rooftop

following some Borgia guards doing eavesdrop.

Your hidden blades are no match for my Silver Baller

I wouldn't have a scratch when I fight against the Templar

People usually call me the Merciless Lucifer

That's why our motto is 'Merces Letifer'

Ezio Auditore:Edit

Buon Girono, I am Il Mentor of the Assassin

'Cuz I am slick and deadly when it comes to rappin'

I follow the bloodline of those who came before

You are just fake, made up clone that everyone abhor

All of your work just leads you to a desolation

I have numerous friends and whores, call it a revelation

Your movie was horrible, breaking every lore

Move aside baldy, time for us to take the floor.

Agent 47:Edit

You are such a toolbag, you Italian Greaseball

This time you don't have a hook blade to stop you fall

Too scare to run? Then try that leap of faith

but to ensure you lose there wouldn't be any bale of hay.

Besides, I don't need a help from a shining apple

simply my presence makes everyone tremble

I am a Dark hero, killing those society doesn't need

and that, is my Assassin's Creed.

Ezio Auditore:Edit

From the Crusade to the American Revolution

We Assassins are the one who achieved Absolution

I spend my hard earned florins to renovate cities

you spend yours on a shitty suit and some coffees

You want a taste of our Roman Brotherhood

even Machiavelli would laugh at your pathetic fraud

You lost this battle so hard, it is like a Cliche

So Agent 47, Requiescat in Pace.


Who won?

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  • This is the first battle.
    • This is also the first battle to get a sequel.
  • According to the votes on the original blog, Ezio Auditore won. 
  • Jason Shin dislikes this battle.
    • This was also his first attempt at rapping. 
  • The beat to this battle was lost, but a new one may be found soon.